Wednesday, August 17, 2011

82 Over 80

11 August 2011

What is this 82 over 80? Some kind of bizarre blood pressure reading? No, it is, with condolences to my friends in the mid-west and Texas, the number of minutes (82) so far this year that the temperature in Seattle has been over 80F. It has been such a cold summer for Seattle that they are actually counting the minutes.

My good friend Larry Stewart, who is originally from Seattle but now lives in New Zealand, has been keen for me to meet his good friend Mark Julian who lives on Bainbridge Island. I said my goodbyes to Tombi and caught the ferry from Seattle to Bainbridge Island and rode out to Mark's workshop. We had a good chat, found we had a lot in common, he showed me his toys and we had a nice lunch at a local cafe.

From Mark's I rode west across the Hood Canal and north up the Olympic Peninsula to Port Townsend. This a quaint little town with a rich nautical history. I camped at a beautiful state park just out of town.

Americana for the day: a tall glass of iced tea with lunch


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