Monday, July 4, 2011

Fast Eddies Makes My Day

28 June 2011

Off at 6AM to get my bike into the St Louis dealer for it's break in service. Then rode through the country to cross the mighty Mississippi river at Alton, Illinois. Alton is significant to bikers because of the bar and grill “Fast Eddies”. I parked in the motorcycle only parking lot, walked in and ordered my 99 cent burger and $3 Budweiser. This was my first “real” American burger since arriving: a flame broiled beef pattie smothered in Heinz ketchup, crinkle cut dill pickle slices, diced raw white onion, all between a toasted bun, yuuuum – as they say here - “God Bless America!”

Rode up the western Illinois “Great River Road”, a gorgeous road that follows the Mississippi river. You kinda had to be there to see the humor in this but when I stopped for petrol and asked the attendant for directions to my next waypoint, he spewed out about three minutes of non stop detailed directions and was totally serious when he finished by saying “it's simple really”.

If you ever want to see some real back roads, set your GPS to “shortest route”. My navigator, Susan, sent me zig zagging through some back roads that are about as far back as a road can get.

Finished riding at dusk at a motel in Lincoln, Illinois. Was a dawn to dusk day of riding. Spent the evening doing route planning for tomorrows journey through Chicago to my aunt Mary-Alice's.

Americana for the day: A Fast Eddies burger

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