Monday, July 4, 2011


30 June – 1 July 2011

Spent 30 June just hanging out with Mary-Alice and Jim and cousins Scott and Debbie. On 1 July I was away from Chicago at 6AM headed for Huntsville Missouri. It was 80 degrees at that time. By the time I got to the pretty little town of Nauvoo in western Illinois it has risen to the mid 90's. By the time I arrived in Huntsville Missouri it had maxed out at 97. This is getting pretty close to body temperature and starts getting very uncomfortable when moving and nearly unbearable when stopped.

I was early arriving and spent a couple of hours hanging out in the dark and cool Victory Bar while my body heat got back to normal.

Rode out to Diane (my (both first and second) cousin) and Sid's place out in the country. Had a great dinner and catch up with them and my uncle Carl. I had to give Susan a scolding after she led me down about 10 miles of unsealed roads when I could have gotten there with less than one mile of unsealed road.

Americana for the day: finding broken robin eggs on the sidewalk


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