Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rocky Mountain High

19 and 20 July 2011

Riding through the night from Kansas City to Denver seemed like a good idea – I could avoid the extreme heat plaguing this part of the country, I could make good time cruising at 130KPH on the interstate and there isn't much scenery to miss across Kansas and eastern Colorado. All was going well until about 4:30AM when my body insisted on sleeping, regardless of my strategies for keeping awake. I had to stop about every half hour for a break but managed to keep going and arrived at Jon (my nephew) and Heather's house in Aurora, Colorado, about three hours after dawn. Including stops, it was a 13.5 hour trip.

Tuesday the 19th was spent napping and hanging out with family. On Wednesday the 20th my nephew Jon acted as tour guide on his Harley-Davidson V-Rod, with passenger Amanda (his sister and my niece). With me I had my good friend from New Zealand Jenny Fraser as passenger. Jenny is in Colorado visiting her daughter.

We picked up Jenny in Golden, rode to Estes Park for lunch at the Estes Park Brewery, rode Trail Ridge Road over the top of the Rockies and took a beautiful valley road down the west side and back to home. It was great to be riding without the excessive heat, was great to see Jenny in the USA and treat her to her first motorbike ride, was great to spend some fun time with Jon and Amanda. Life is good.

Americana for the day: a buffalo burger for lunch in Estes Park


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