Saturday, July 9, 2011

Independence Day

4 July – 6 July

Was sitting at the dock before breakfast talking with Charlotte and wondering how long my neck would take to recover and if it would impact my plans. I sat down on Chase's hammock and promptly fell over backward and whacked my head on the concrete. It hurt like hell but all I could do was laugh. Strangely, after the pain in my noggin subsided my neck seemed to be much better. Maybe my guru, Dennis, is onto something (inside joke for Trude).

Charlotte was keen for me to teach them how to sail their boat but along with the high heat there was zero wind. In the evening we went out on a friends 80 foot house boat to watch the 4th of July fireworks show. Before long we were rafted up with a couple other boats, all just in time for the lightning, thunder and wind of a big thunderstorm. Everyone here is a bit twitchy about storms after the Joplin (near here) tornado so we broke up the raft and everyone scrambled back to the marinas and boat ramps. Just before leaving the houseboat I managed to try and walk through a sliding door that wasn't actually open and gave my head another good whack, much to the amusement of the crowd.

The next several days were spent hanging out at the marina, taking various water toys out and trying to manage the heat. There is WiFi here, and air con on the boat, so i've been able to make progress on this blog after several days of no internet access.

Americana for the day: powerful evening thunderstorms on the lake


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