Friday, September 9, 2011

Utah Rocks!

9 September 2011

Got away early again and rode into Capitol Reef National Park. The official blurb: The Waterpocket Fold, a 100-mile long wrinkle in the earth's crust known as a monocline, extends from nearby Thousand Lakes Mountain to the Colorado River (now Lake Powell). Capitol Reef National Park was established to protect this grand and colorful geologic feature, as well as the unique natural and cultural history found in the area. You can see my photos of this area but you would really need an aerial image to appreciate the geological feature.

From Capitol Reef I headed east on 24 to Hanksville where I headed southeast on 95 to Lake Powell, the second largest man made reservoir in the USA. It is hard to imagine a more desolate lake. Yet, it is beautiful in it's desolation. See photos.

From Lake Powell I continued on 95 to Blanding where I headed north on 191 to Canyon Lands National Park. An interesting point of interest on the way is Newspaper Rock, petroglyphs up to 2000 years old, there for us to interpret (see photos).

My intention was to continue on to Moab and camp in Arches National Park but there was a wall of black sky punctuated with lightning bolts between me and there so I decided to retreat to Monticello and a secure motel room.

Once again I posted a lot of rock photos. The T-Shirts and posters around here say “Utah Rocks!”. If you have been following my blog through Utah, including today's entry, i'm sure you will have to agree.

Americana for the day: 24 ounce (.75 liter) single cans of beer at the petrol station (but don't drink and drive!)


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